Headquarters Almeida França

The project concluded in 2018, the retrofit of Almeida França's headquarters renewed the facilities and architecture of the enterprise, thus enhancing the space potential. To do so, elements were altered by remodeling some compartments, also following the concept of "constant movement" in its internal architecture.

Within the scope of the Almeida França headquarters' retrofit project was the execution of paintings, frames, lighting, floor revitalization, change of layout (demolition and construction of new walls), furniture, ceilings, and air conditioning installations.

The new main office air conditioning system consists of a VRF (Variable Refrigerant Fluid) system, a technological system of frequency variation in the compressor and fan, with the following characteristics:

  • Total capacity 40kw (136500 Btu/h);
  • Duct and hi-wall evaporators;
  • Ecological refrigerant gas R-410A;

As a sustainable solution for the environment, the gas system of existing air conditioning equipment has also been retrofitted. All R-22 refrigerant gas was collected and correctly disposed of and replaced with MO29 (R422-D) refrigerant gas.

The waste generated at the site was also constantly managed during the project. Measures for monitoring waste production, disposal and destination were allied to the LEED EB:OM certification process through which the headquarters was going. The objective was to keep the environment as clean as possible, trying to reduce the impacts of the construction environment.

To obtain LEED certification, the company also takes the following measures daily:

  • Means for alternative use of transportation, including preferred parking spaces for efficient cars, bicycles and changing rooms;
  • Best practices in the management and maintenance of the external areas of the building with strategies for impermeable and permeable areas;
  • Sustainable landscaping and rainwater management;
  • Reduction of the heat island effect;
  • Preservation of local habitats and reduction of luminous pollution;
  • Reduction of water consumption inside and outside the building;
  • Best practices for energy efficiency management with reduced consumption;
  • Use of less environmentally harmful refrigerant gases;
  • Adoption of commissioning practices for energy control;
  • Use of renewable energy and carbon offsetting;
  • Sustainable procurement policy;
  • Solid waste management policy;
  • Green cleaning policy;
  • Internal air quality performance and thermal comfort;
  • Adequate indoor lighting, natural light and outdoor views.

One of the project's challenges was the work execution during the total occupation of the property by employees and directors. Provisional layouts were set up, like the directors' room and operational room, so that everyone worked provisionally together. Adjustments were made to the existing facilities and infrastructure to accommodate the relocated workplaces and to ensure that the staff's working capacity was fully operational and maintained.

The result of the project was more comfort, practicality, joy and satisfaction to Almeida França's employees. The essence of the project and execution transformed the environment into a cozy, modern space that clearly expresses the company's values and objectives.