About the Company:

Almeida França Engenharia has 30 years of history, based on the adoption of innovative technologies and an emphasis on respecting human beings, customers and employees.
The technical culture developed in plant engineering, facilities maintenance, and physical assets management formed a team of professionals who, together, perform as a high-level team in the electrical, mechanical, civil and mechatronics specialties.
In addition to the management that favors quality of results, teamwork, organizational efficiency, sustainability, innovation and ethics (principles expressed in our mission and commitments), Almeida França Engenharia operates in the public and private sectors, fulfilling strict deadlines and performing activities with great precision.
Electrical, hydraulic and sanitary installations, integration and automation of building systems, conditioning, ventilation and control of ambient air, lighting, communication systems, access, surveillance, fire, sound and visual projection, energy and sustainability analysis, building instrumentation, management of facilities / assets and building maintenance incorporating intelligent techniques, are the main activities of the company, aimed at users’ health and comfort and buildings’ processes efficiency and safety.


To execute quality and innovative engineering.


Create long-term relationships with clients through innovative engineering services, that proportionate positive user experiences, generating the return to shareholders.


Be a company ahead of its time.


  • Ethics;
  • Planning, Organization, and Control;
  • Sustainability;
  • Waste control;
  • Teamwork;
  • Commitment with results.


Electrical Systems

Hydraulic Systems

Air Conditioning Systems

Mechanical Ventilation Systems

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Fire Fighting Systems

Building Automation Systems

Access Control Systems

Closed-circuit Television Systems

Data Center

Vaccum Sewage Systems

Civil Construction






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