Building Via Esplanada

The Via Esplanada Building is located in the South Federal Areas Sector near the Esplanada dos Ministérios, Brasília, DF - Brazil. The quality of the building, together with its excellent location, attracted several large Brazilian corporations and other companies of great importance in the national scenario. Almeida França Engenharia executed the construction's facilities work and now operates and maintains the building; which has central air conditioning system, building automation systems and access control, including garages, closed-circuit TV, fire detection and fire fighting system, emergency generator group, among others.

After the institution of the condominium, Almeida França was responsible for managing the building. For properly developing this task, a team was dimensioned according to the needs, including administration, reception, operation, and technical maintenance services, as well as all administrative and technical support to the Building Manager.

In the building management, we seek to meet the operation and maintenance needs; and also maintain the potential of a financial return to the investors. For this reason, the company constantly presents to the building's owners possible system innovations and improvements that allow the enterprise to be up-to-date and the guarantee its market value.

For Almeida França, which has a framework of engineering expertise and tradition in the operation of buildings equipped with building automation, the systems guarantee the achievement of greater efficiency in the control of physical assets. With that, is possible minimize the use of natural resources such as water and energy, reduce the CO2 emission from the building operations, as well as its ecological footprint and consequently reduces operational costs with direct effects on the condominium rate.

The management of Via Esplanada also includes the condominium and negotiation of outsourced services, such as elevators' maintenance, security and cleaning services, paintings, renovations, and periodic technical updates.