Laboratory Headquarters SABIN

The Sabin Group, one of the largest players in the health sector in Brazil, continues its strong expansion pace and inaugurated its new headquarters at the end of 2016. The building, with a constructed area of approximately 14,000 m², which are divided by: underground level containing the garage, utilities, and storage; ground floor with laboratories and the TON (Technical Operational Nucleus); plus three floors with administrative areas and roof. The new headquarters was built following sustainable buildings' concept, by applying for the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Seal by the USGBC (United States Green Building Council).

The TON of the new headquarters has productive capacity installed for five million examinations per month.

The installations of the air conditioning and mechanical ventilation system were under the responsibility of Almeida França Engenharia, which supplied and installed two air-cooled water-cooling units, completing the high-efficiency solution for the building's chilled water. The primary and secondary chilled water pumps are in-line, Grundfos manufacturing.

The whole building's air conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems are monitored and controlled by a facility automation system and integrated into the superior supervisory system. Total supervised points: 410 points.

The recognition of the excellent work carried out by Almeida França Engenharia came through the SMACNA Highlights of the Year 2016, where the company was awarded the prize for the second consecutive year.

Almeida França is currently responsible for building maintenance, which covers electrical, hydraulic, fire and air conditioning systems.