Presidency of the Republic

The buildings complex of the Presidency of the Republic in Brasilia, DF - Brazil, has several air conditioning systems. Only in the Planalto Palace, there is a set of VRF technology conditioners with 96 condensers and 678 evaporator units, totaling 970 TRs. In the buildings annexed to the Planalto Palace, there are installed chillers with 960 TRs connected to 164 fancoils; there are 556 wall and portable conditioners and 40 Split System conditioners. In the Alvorada Palace, there are installed 150TRs chilllers and 74 fancoils and fancoletes. The Jaburu Palace and the official residence of Granja do Torto are also part of the presidential buildings. Thus, the air conditioning system of the Presidency of the Republic has power above 2,300 TRs.

Almeida França Engenharia, as responsible for the entire operation and maintenance of this set of equipment since 2008, has allocated a team of more than thirty professionals. Amongst them are operators, mechanics, electricians, supervisors and others to ensure the implementation of the PMOC - Maintenance, Operation and Control Plan - of the air conditioning system of the Presidency of the Republic. With the responsibility of attending the highest level of executive power, Almeida França is aware that the trust bestowed upon us must be matched with great quality services; therefore, we provide the best technical conditions and management quality for these services.

The team is coordinated, locally, by a resident engineer, and overseen by an operations manager to ensure service readiness, team harmony and capacity; constantly reassessing them to meet the client's level of expectation.