Business Center José de Alencar

The José de Alencar da Silva Business Center, an enterprise of the PaulOOctávio Organizations, is considered an architectural landmark of Asa Norte, in Brasília. With over 31,000 m² of constructed area, it was built following the most modern concepts of sustainability. It allows the conscious and efficient consumption of electric energy and drinking water, as well as generates primary sewage in sinks with controlled flow taps and efficient sanitary basins. In addition, it has a set of state-of-the-art elevators with integrated operation to the building's access control system, and an intelligent air conditioning system that adjusts the relative humidity of the ambient air to suit the users' comfort condition with the energy efficiency of the set.

Almeida França Engenharia was responsible for supplying and installing the air conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems, composed of two liquid cooling units of 224 TRs each, with air condensation. These equipments were installed on the building's roof and almost three hundred cold water cooling units were distributed on the five floors and three more underground.

Room temperature control is done per room or zones (common use room sets), making layout options more flexible and allowing different adjustments, according to users' requirements.

To ensure indoor air quality (CO level control, organic and particles volatiles), the air-conditioned environments have air renewal by blowing outside air with specific fans and ductwork on the floor lining .

An integrated building automation system is also responsible for the supervision and control of the air conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems.

PaulOOctávio, with the venture Centro Empresarial José de Alencar, won the Master Real Estate Award of 2012, the 20th anniversary of FIABCI / Brazil and SECOVI - SP, in the category Commercial Enterprise, the so-called Oscar of Brazilian civil construction.