Procel Prize - Energy - 1998

Edifício Business Point

The Business Point, located in a prime area of ​​Brasília, close to the Cathedral, was a partnership between Almeida França and Construtora Líder, combining a bold idealization with the latest technology.

The project, carried out in the late 1990s, was designed to improve electricity consumption, using resources such as:

- architecture adjusted to the spatial orientation;

- use of reflective marble and special glass on the facade to adapt the incidence of natural light to solar thermal gain;

- adoption of an air conditioning system by cold water, with central control;

- application of special luminaires, and

- integration of building automation: air conditioning, security and access control.

Business Point received the 1998 Procel Award, in the Buildings category, granted by the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

The greatest importance of this award is that it represents, in fact, a real savings in operating costs for companies or offices installed there, in addition to having an important and pioneering initiative for the preservation of the environment and natural resources. The consumption of air conditioning at Business Point is 50% of a similar conventional building of the time, and today it is still a reference for comparative analysis.