DCD Awards Latin America – 2018

Main Space Operations Center - COPE-P 

Built to serve as a control center for the Geostationary Defense and Strategic Communications Satellite (SGDC) and with the availability to attend several geostationary and low-orbit satellites, the Main Space Operations Center (COPE-P) will serve as a national and international reference. This project's main objective is to provide internet in Ka band in the National Broadband Plan (PNBL) for all Brazilian territories, including the most remote places; in addition, part of its use is destined to provide band X to attend strategic military projects from the National Defense. This project will cover up to 10.6 million square kilometers (an area larger than the entire Brazilian territory). The main sectors that will benefit from the project are: Military Defense Forces; National Security and the Programs from the Federal Government PNBL; and the program Internet for All, attending projects of Education and Citizenship Services.

Almeida França Engineering is a member of the consortium SAT3D, the consortium responsible for the construction of the operations center. COPE-P will be the second TIER IV certified data center in Brazil and first with this certification in the public sector. The TIER IV certification is the highest in service operation reliability of a data center and attests to a structure with continuous operation maintenance, 24/7/365, with high fault tolerance and ability to overcome the worst technical incidents. The TIER IV certification certifies the data center will be operational for 99.9997% of the time, fundamental for the operation of the strategic satellite system of broadband and Brazilian defense.

In August 2016 the COPE-P data center project received the TIER IV Certification of Design Documents (TCDD) certification, provided by UPTIME INSTITUTE. The work will be delivered by the SAT3D consortium with the TIER IV Certification of Constructed Facility (TCCF) certification.

COPE-P had its entire project developed using BIM technology, an increasingly relevant tool in public works for providing greater costs transparency, implantations control, management, and work monitoring; therefore, all project changes and measurements are made using this tool, precisely representing the work's financial progress compatible with the physical progress. Finally, the work will be delivered in BIM 6D, with information regarding the physical-financial control of the work, budget, as-built and life cycle information, maintenance and guarantees of all data center equipment.

In November 2018, TELEBRAS received the award for "Best Digital Service Delivery in the Public Sector" from the DCD Awards Latin America for the COPE-P project. This award is known as the "Oscar" of the sector and is held annually by Datacenter Dynamics.