CBIC Technological Innovation Award - Vacuum sewage system and dry urinals - 2011

DNIT Headquarters Building - Brasília

Almeida França Engenharia was awarded for its commitment to sustainability and for combining cutting-edge technology and preservation of natural resources, in this case, water. The project received the 2nd place in the CBIC Award for Technological Innovation - 18th Falcão Bauer Contest.

The Falcão Bauer Contest of the Brazilian Chamber of the Construction Industry has the main objective of rewarding construction works with proven efficiency gains in modernizing the construction process, increasing productivity, reducing costs, sustainability, and rationalization of natural resources.

The project brought the Federal Government a significant reduction in water consumption and primary sewage generation. These measures favored the reduction of expenses and degradation of the environment. Only by reducing treated water consumption, from 6,300 m³ to 2,000 m³ after the project, DNIT saved more than R$ 600 thousand per year (base 2012) in funding.