PO700 Building- Trane Stealth Refrigeration System

Installation of the first Trane Stealth cooling system in Latin America

Released in 2014, Trane Stealth refrigeration systems are industrial combined refrigeration systems that reduce the overall electricity and operating costs, helping many enterprises that seek the LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) as well as other bonuses and incentives related energy costs savings and environmental issues.

Almeida França Engenharia provided and installed three Trane Stealth equipment in the PO700, a project of Paulo Octavio Investimentos Imobiliários in Brasília – DF. These equipment offer high energy efficiency, both in total and partial loads. In addition, the Stealth operates with a low noise level. For very noise-sensitive installations, which is the case of the PO700 development, the Stealth offers extra noise reduction options. These options were adopted and implemented by Almeida França for the equipment installed in this building.

The PO700 building, inaugurated on April 21, 2015, was built following the concepts of environmentally sustainable construction, qualifying to receive LEED Silver certification. It is an enterprise with 50,000 m² of constructed area, with three garage basements, pilotis with a designated space for stores, six pavements, cover and auditorium with 120 seats.

The PO700 building was the first venture in Latin America to receive the new Trane Stealth cooling systems and Almeida França Engenharia is proud to have been the first to install them. We are currently responsible for the periodic maintenance in the air conditioning system.


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