Vitrium Intelligent Medical Center

Located on the L2 Sul road in Brasilia-DF, the Vitrium Intelligent Medical Center has 26,000.00 m² of constructed area and concentrates 230 units between clinics and offices of the most diverse specialties. Inaugurated in 2014, the development is divided between: 2nd basement for parking, deposits, locker rooms and lower reservoirs; 1st basement for parking, warehouses, technical areas and shops; ground floor with 85 rooms; 1st floor with 89 rooms; 2nd floor with 37 rooms; and penthouse cover (pump house and reservoirs).

Almeida França was responsible for the following services in the building:

  • Electrical installations (lighting, outlets, and feeders);
  • Fire-fighting facilities – hydrants and sprinklers with the grooved system;
  • Fire detection and alarm installations;
  • Emergency lighting installations;
  • Telecommunication and network facilities (infrastructure);
  • Facilities of SPDA;
  • Property supervision, access control and CCTV installations (infrastructure).
  • Network facilities for medical gases (infrastructure);
  • Hydro-sanitary facilities (cold water, sewage, and rainwater);
  • Use of pre-assembled kits for hydraulic and sewage systems.

The project has been certified AQUA, a sustainable seal that requires the implementation of various solutions related to the use of materials (inks, glass, and sealing) to minimize the need for artificial cooling and generate energy savings of the building.


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