Tactical Operations Command – TOC

Almeida França was responsible for building the new headquarters of the Tactical Operations Command (TOC) of the Federal Police, the corporation’s elite group. This project was Almeida França’s first global scope work, covering the execution of all services of the new building, from foundation, structure and coating, to landscaping and systems commissioning.

Located in Brasília / DF, the TOC’s new headquarters was inaugurated in December 2017 and has approximately 9,000.00 m² of constructed area. The infrastructure includes environments such as:

  • Rooms, offices and accommodations;
  • Internal shooting range with temperature, humidity and airspeed control;
  • Warehouse with precision temperature control for equipment and ammunition storage;
  • Gym;
  • Kitchen and dining room.

Among the services performed by Almeida França, it is worth mentioning:

  • VRF comfort and climatization system in all floors – a total of 211 TR;
  • Precision air conditioning system with a maximum fluctuation of 0,1 ° C / min;
  • Level III armoured squares;
  • Installation of the Supervision and Control System (BMS) with 2,612 points;
  • Integrated access control to the BMS;
  • Interlocked road brick pavement (5,646.42 m²).


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