Central Bank of Brazil – Auditoriums


The work consisted of the demolition and reconstruction of the auditoriums and adjacent spaces located in the first basement of the Headquarters Building of the Central Bank of Brazil, in Brasília – DF, with 3,000 m² of floor space and retrofitting of systems such as air conditioning, lighting, access, video, furniture, etc. In the new environment, there are now:

  • the Octávio Gouvêa de Bulhões Auditorium, with a capacity of 425 seats;
  • the Dênio Nogueira Auditorium, with 120 seats;
  • 500 m² of covered foyer area/access/support to the 2 auditoriums;
  • VIP lounges adjacent to the auditoriums;
  • common and private bathrooms equipped with vacuum sewage systems;
  • the environment has the latest thermo-acoustic coating, including the engine room and other equipment to ensure noise levels compatible with space’s specificities;
  • audio, videos, multimedia and scenic lighting systems composed of:
    • audio with line array of speakers and digital table with “moving fader”;
    • teleconference system of microphones with more than 100 units, with word request digital link;
    • audio with a synchronized link to the internal video circuit;
    • automated video system with Full HD / 1080p resolution;
    • video conversion bus for information traffic on CAT5/6 cables;
    • state-of-the-art lighting for video capture and playback with similarity to the theater;
  • operating rooms (01 per auditorium) and simultaneous translation rooms (02 per auditorium);
  • total accessibility for people with special needs, with a lifting platform in the Octávio Gouvêa de Bulhões Auditorium;
  • chilled water air conditioning system;
  • fire-preventing and firefighting systems in all environments;
  • automation and air conditioning control integrated into the building supervision system of the building;
  • landscaping in the garden areas adjacent to the auditoriums.


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