1. 10/25/1988 - Almeida França was founded in order to provide the market with highly specialized and integrated engineering services.
  2. CARRIER credentialing
  3. "Programa de Eficiência Energética na Esplanada dos Ministérios" - reduction of about 25% in energy consumption on federal administration main buildings complex
  4. Construction of Business Point - Design award PROCEL Energy.
  5. Construction of Edificio Maria Carolina in Goiânia
  6. Company's relocation to the new headquarters in SCIA
  7. New partner entry - Marcos Pinheiro
    Signed contract with Central Bank for the implementation of its Data Center
  8. SCIA Headquarters expansion
  9. CBIC Award for Technological Innovation - DNIT Headquarters - Vacuum Sewage System
    Begining of the company's restructuring project
  10. New partner entry - Marcos Paranhos
  11. Company rebranding
  12. SMACNA Brasil Award, Highlights of the Year - PO700 Building - Air conditioning system
  13. SMACNA Brasil Award, Highlights of the Year - Sabin Laboratory Headquarters - Air conditioning system
    Almeida França obtained the Accredited Tier Designer (ATD) Certification - UPTIME Institute
  14. LEED NC Certified - Inter-American Development Bank - New construction
  15. COPE-P project was awarded "Best Provision of Digital Services in the Public Sector" - DCD Awards Latin America
    Company's headquarters retrofit